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All County Ambulance strives to be the Employer of Choice for EMS professionals.

All County Ambulance

All County Ambulance partners with major hospital systems & healthcare facilities to meet the demands of their 24/7/365 medical transportation needs.


We service Treasure Coast.


Why You Should Join Our Elite, Life-Saving Team

Learn more on what it means to choose a rewarding career as an EMS Professional.

Finest Patient

Care & Services

We provide transports 24 hours a day, seven days a week using vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as advanced communication and vehicle tracking systems, and dispatched by an efficient team of communication professionals.

BLS – Basic Life Support

ALS – Advanced Life Support

CCT – Critical Care Transport

Neonatal and Pediatric Transports – NICU/PICU


Connecting Patients and Providers with Purpose.


Our priority is to our patients. All County Ambulance holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to your loved ones care and medical transport. We are honored with the responsibility and work to improve our services everyday.


We offer best of class patient movement from, to, and within all types of health systems. We are a highly trained, reliable and dedicated team of first responders who love to serve our community.


We employ dynamic technologies and a customized patient-centric approach, delivering improved patient outcomes and efficiency gains for some of the largest health systems in the U.S


I wanted a career where I could help people. An EMS career allows me to do something meaningful each day. I chose All County Ambulance because I heard they were a great company with a great training program. They continue to give me learning opportunities and keep up with all my certifications. 


About All County Ambulance

All County Ambulance is an RG Ambulance Service, Inc. owned & operated Ambulance Service & medical transport company; which, serves the State of Florida.  We partner with major hospital systems & healthcare facilities to meet the demands of their 24/7/365 medical transportation needs.  We currently operate in the Treasure Coast of Florida.

The mission of All County Ambulance is to consistently provide high quality, on time ambulance services to hospital systems, healthcare clients, & to the patients whom we serve. Utilizing the most state of the art equipment available today, we provide on-time ambulance services to our patients & healthcare clients.

We provide all medical transportation needs for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities & healthcare providers within our community.  From our medical director to in-house clinicians, we are able to respond quickly to both emergent & non-emergent situations.

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