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Our Basic Life Support ambulances provide a full range of basic medical transportation services. These services include:

  • Non-emergency / inter-facility ambulance service
  • Hospital discharges
  • Transportation of hospital in-patients for specialized test
  • Inter-hospital transfers
  • Psychiatric patient transport
  • Evacuations
  • Long distance transports
  • BARIATRIC patient transport

Our Advanced Life Support services include:

  • CCU and ICU critical care transfers
  • Ventilator dependent patients, capable of providing bi-pap.
  • I.V. medicated patients
  • ER discharges to acute care
  • Pediatric and neonatal transports
  • Multi-trauma and burn patients
  • Off-site MRI transports
  • To and from air ambulance transports

Our paramedic Critical Care Transport Services have been designed to provide comprehensive continuity of care, bedside to bedside. Our Critical Care (CCT) vehicles and paramedics are equipped with the most advanced equipment and medications enabling them to manage the patient’s needs during any type of Advanced Life Support transportation. These services include:

  • Air Ambulance transfers
  • Patients on Bi-Pap requiring transfer
  • Patients on Ventilators
  • Patients on multiple medicated IV’s
  • Patients on balloon pumps
  • Patient’s medical condition warranting clinical personnel during transport (i.e. respiratory therapist, CCRN, physician, etc.)

Our Critical Care Team is capable of dealing with the most acute patients in a critical care setting. Our Critical Intensive Care Paramedics (CICP) are educated through Cleveland Clinic of Ohio ensuring that the Team’s level of education and training makes them capable of caring for high acuity patients.

We are capable of providing transportation for any patient under any circumstance. Our special BARIATRIC UNITS are capable of providing safe and comfortable ambulance transportation, while insuring patient safety. Our specialty services include:

  • Medicare & Medicaid providers
  • Innovative managed care contracts
  • Disaster planning and response
  • 24-hour medical dispatch
  • Air ambulance service coordination
  • Medical transportation systems & coordination for hospital and managed care networks
  • Hospice patients special needs
  • Stand-By Ambulance for any service
  • Stand-By Ambulance for events

We provide services for the following organizations, institutions and situations:

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • ALF’s
  • Hospice
  • Psychiatric Facilities
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Home Health Agencies

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Licensed for the Job

We are licensed to provide basic and advanced life support ambulance transportation services in multiple areas. Our Advanced Life Support ambulances are equipped to provide ventilator services with the most state of the art equipment available in EMS. WE are always professional and always dependable.

Distinguishing Service

Our bariatric services are capable of safely transporting patients in excess of 800 pounds with dignity and respect. We also offer branded specialty care ambulances and staffing for the emergency departments of hospitals when the staff is not engaged in providing ambulance transportation.

Disaster Relief Experience

Our personnel and management have been trained through the FEMA programs to provide Strike Force Team Leader, Task Force Leader and Incident Management Teams. We work closely with providers of air ambulance transportation to move the most critical of patients and assist their crews.